Who’s been making the Festive Felties?

Festive Feltie Inspiration by Molly and Mama

The Festive Felties PDF is my latest pattern release, just in time for Christmas. It was designed exclusively for One Thimble readers and appears in Issue 9 of their sewing magazine. To learn more about One Thimble and the Festive Felties pattern release, you can READ MORE HERE. The Festive Felties pattern is available NOW. Click […]

Make a Christmas Felt Elf

Make a Christmas Elf with this Molly and Mama tutorial for Fleece Fun

Make a Christmas Felt Elf using this simple FREE TUTORIAL that I contributed to the FLEECE FUN BLOG. You can find all the step by step instructions over HERE. Are you like me and find that this time of year is just so inspiring and exciting? I am so in love with Christmas, and have been since I […]

Introducing the ‘Festive Felties’ Pattern for One Thimble

The Festive Feltie Christmas Pattern by Molly and Mama

Working on new pattern designs is one of my favourite things to do. So when Jen from One Thimble asked if I’d be interested in creating a felt pattern for her second birthday Christmas edition, I jumped at the chance. After lots of brainstorming, preliminary sketching, prototypes, and playing around, the ‘Festive Felties’ were born. The […]

Crafting for Christmas

Felt Elf tutorial by Molly and Mama for Fleece Fun

While the blog has been a little quiet, I’ve been super busy behind the scenes at Molly and Mama. And I have to say, that at this time of year, it’s ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! This is just a sneak peek but there’ll be more details coming soon, with lots of ideas for crafting for Christmas. […]

Stitch A Felt Christmas Ornament

Stitch a Felt Christmas Ornament with this beginner's tutorial from Molly and Mama

This amazing glitter felt made it’s way to my studio this week, and I have been desperate to stitch something with it! So I designed a simple Christmas ornament that would really showcase this stunning felt. The great thing is though, you can make this decoration out of any felt you like. I can even picture it […]

Spring Time Inspiration

Inspiring Blooms | Molly and Mama

I wrote a post like this last year, to show you the beauty that can be found in my home town at this time of year. I live just outside the city of Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. It’s on a mountain range, so has beautiful summers and cool winters. And we’re blessed with perfect conditions to […]

Sew A Felt Flamingo Pin Cushion

Flamingo Pin Cushion Tutorial by Molly and Mama for &Stitches

I love it when you see a call out for a tutorial or blog post and it gets you really inspired to create something new! That’s what happened when I was introduced to the &Stitches blog. They host a Summer Bloggin’ Series each year to share summer themed and inspired sewing projects. Because it was winter […]

Who else has made the Coco Flower Crown?

Coco Flower Crown by Lisa Lisa Designs

I have to confess that the ‘Coco Flower Crown‘ is my favourite Molly and Mama pattern to date! And it has been such a thrill seeing all of the Coco Crowns popping up in the online world! I wanted to share a few of these gorgeous flower crowns with you. But just in case you […]

The ‘Coco Flower Crown’

The Coco Flower Crown by Molly and Mama

So by now you would have heard all about my new pattern, the ‘Coco Flower Crown’. This felt flower and succulent headband, wristlet and hair clip set was designed exclusively for One Thimble sewing magazine*. The magazine release is finally here and I’m thrilled to share this pattern with you. You can read more about […]

Make A Hair Clip Holder using an Art Canvas

Make a Hair Clip Holder - by Molly and Mama

Would you like to make a simple Hair Clip Holder? If you’re like me, there’s an over abundance of hair bows and clips in your house! I created this clip holder to organise and store my daughter’s hair accessories. This tutorial is a great beginners project that is quick, simple and requires no stitching or […]

The Molly and Mama Pin Cushion Swap

The Molly and Mama Pin Cushion Swap

  I can hardly believe it, Molly and Mama just turned four! Those four years have flown by. To celebrate this little anniversary, I wanted to do something to get the creative juices flowing. I decided to host the first ever Molly and Mama Pin Cushion Swap! I asked others to join me, and was […]